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andymac649 Asked: I want nothing more than to trace my tongue around your sweet clit, before driving my tongue into it and licking, and sucking while I slide my fingers in and out of you

This sweet pussy seriously needs a deliciously long licking. I wanna feel that tongue slide all over my clit, I wanna squirm as you trace your tongue over my pussy. I’d do anything to have my pussy ate right now. It’s throbbing wet. Please baby.

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b0sstweed Asked: Mm you've got to beg better than that ;) god id pin your legs to the bed and drive you wild whild my tounge smacked your flit over and over while i sucked it into my mouth mm god I want to taste your wet pussy

Mmmmm pleeeaseeeee

rocksandwood Asked: Can I put you to sleep with my tongue?? Ahhhh 👅💦😂😘


My pussy

Is so wet. My clit is throbbing. I’d do anything to have it licked on right now. Fuuuck.

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Sometimes my cock looks like a shower! haha I loved it!


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